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Yes... he IS adorable!
18 August 2006 16:48

Robert just got down on his knees to look into the mirror on the (turned on its side) incrediblock.

He got up really close - almost nose to nose - and said, "Hey, baby!"

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In case you missed it in the comments
15 August 2006 13:39

Aunt Jessie posted a link with some videos of Robert from while she was visiting...

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Holy Freakin' Tranquillizer Gun!
11 August 2006 19:16


I took Robert for his 18 month pictures today. He would NOT stay put for anything. (more)

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18 months!!!
10 August 2006 20:55

A year and a half! Holy cow!

Not really a chance to get pictures taken today, but I'll do my best to get some taken tomorrow!

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First 2-word phrase
08 August 2006 11:30

Robert said his first 2-word phrase this morning! Totally not what I said, but it was funny what he heard!

I was peeling a banana for him while he was sitting in the high chair. He was getting a little impatient while I pulled off the strings that get stuck to it - so I said, "Don't worry - I'm not throwing out anything good... just the yucky stuff!"

He said, "Doggy schuff!"

Silly boy!

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