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Merry Christmas
26 December 2006 23:36

Robert was definitely more into the gift thing this year. He was even nice enough to open his sister's gifts while she ate and napped! Here are a few pictures... more on Mikki's page, too. (more)

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Farewell to diapers on the horizon?
22 December 2006 22:41

Robert was sitting on our box/footstool (yes, it's really a box - it's perfect). All of a sudden, he stood up, walked over toward me while holding his crotch and said, "Warm... warm... warm... warm..."

I said, "Um... if you're warm, you probably just peed."

Guess we should get a jump on that potty training, huh?

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Bubble Boy
16 December 2006 23:12

Fun in the tub at bath time... with a little help from Daddy. (more)

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They're teaming up already

Fun story from tonight (which is posted in both kiddos journals).

Robert and Mikki got baths at the same time tonight - Robert in the big tub, Mikki in the baby tub on the bathroom counter. When bath was over, Robert was mad because he wanted to keep playing with his stacking cups in the tub. He was having a hard time (he was also really tired), so I decided to bring Mikaela, burrito-babied in her towel, into the bedroom to cheer him up. As I approached him, I saw that he was "playing fireman" - and said to Geof, "He's peeing everywhere" while grabbing a prefold to try and cover him/absorb the puddle that was forming. As soon as I said "peeing," Mikaela let loose as well. She did a better job than Robert - getting the whole front of the drawers on the changing table/dresser, my whole front, and soaking my slipper. They both felt better after that - and I'm afraid of what plotting these two will do against us once they're both fully verbal!

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Photos finally
15 December 2006 23:36

We've been passing a cold-bug around, but I was finally able to get a few pictures of Robert today... 22 months and 5 days. (more)

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22 months
10 December 2006 18:11

Poor kiddo got overlooked last month in baby-land here. Robert appears to *finally* be gaining a little weight. I was starting to worry he'd still be 22.5 pounds at his 2 year appointment. He's not as scrawny looking these days - a little more filled out and healthy. He has always had a very healthy appetite and he NEVER stops moving/running/dancing. So I'm not sure what brought on the change... but I'm happy for it.

He's great with his baby sister. He loves holding her, and today was the first time a kiss turned into a bite. But normally there's nothing but love coming from him.

Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died before I could get a photo of Robert today. It's charging now... I hope to catch him tomorrow.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum
06 December 2006 00:50

Tonight, as we're saying our prayers (with minimal "amen" coaching), we get to the last amen.

Robert says, "Amem... go gay-gohs"

There is no denying this boy is a Wagner!

We assured him that God felt the same way - and Daddy or Grandpa would be happy to recount the orange sun in the blue sky "proof" any day.

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More phrases... and more temper
04 December 2006 23:18

Robert has been stringing a few more words together lately. His most frequent one - much to the joy of the Wagner side of the family - is "Go Gators" (go gay-gohs). That usually comes on when he sees his football, any t-shirt/hat with the Gator logo, any football game...

When we put him to bed at night, we give him kisses and say, "I love you." He will then usually repeat "yuh you" to us. But the other day, he came up to Mikaela when she was on my lap and said it to her - unsolicited!

His temper, however... (more)

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