Mommy's Journal

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Greetings from Chicago
31 May 2007 06:38

I still can't log in on Mikaela's journal, but at least Bob-Bob can stay updated on his progress. You know... when he learns to read and all =) (more)

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A couple of firsts
22 May 2007 16:13

Robert's first trip to the doctor that wasn't for a well-baby visit.

Robert's first time on antibiotics =( (more)

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Numbers and "alphabet"
21 May 2007 16:46

Sorry for the absence... I thought I mentioned it here, too, but my mom had a stroke and some other major health stuff come up. I haven't been around enough to be doing updates.

This past week, Robert started counting all the way to ten. My favorite is "sen-en"

He also does the "whole" alphabet. ABCDEFYZ =)

Daddy's Journal
Raising a child (and preparing to raise a child) is expensive. Now, I don't want to make this sound like a plea for aid, but I know how generous people can be. Anyone wishing to share their generosity with us is welcome. We accept gifts through PayPal. If you would like to snail mail us, contact us for our mailing address.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!