Copyrights on this site generally fall into two categories. The first category is the site material itself. The second category are the skins which are available for download from the site.

Skin Mobile is a copyrighted web site. All original material is copyrighted to the owner of the site. Nothing from this site is to be used to one's financial gain without the expressed written consent of the owner of the copyright, unless it is otherwise noted. All material may be used under the "Fair Use" act, so long as "Fair Use" can be adequately defined. This site does use some stock images and icons under "Fair Use;" no claim of ownership or author is made to any of them. The owner of this site will gladly discontinue use of any copyrighted material (even under "Fair Use") if politely asked.

The skins on Skin Mobile are generally copyrighted. All skins are the intellectual property of the skinner, unless otherwise noted in the skin description(s). Visitors are free to keep as many copies of the skin as they wish and to distribute them as they wish as long as their contents remain intact as they were distributed from here. Visitors are also encouraged to modify these skins, improve upon them, and redistribute them as a completely new skin, giving credit to the source skinner when applicable. We wouldn't be a community if such interaction could not be done. Some skins may use copyrighted materials under the "Fair Use" act; no ownership claims to images in those skins is made, and they are most often used to emulate the look and "feel" of the source from which they were taken (e.g., a Luna-like skin for a Pocket PC to emulate the look of a regular PC).

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