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What the Fudge?

I'm pissed!

I am so frustrated at a man named Gary Bettman. His highest priority...his job description is to uphold and keep alive the NHL; to support it and grow the sport. Instead, he killed it.

He cancelled the 2004-2005 season outright yesterday. I don't know what good he thinks this will do. I am so angry at him.

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| 17 February 2005 08:23
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Baby Pictures

I've posted pictures of li'l Robert. You'll find them all here. Please enjoy!

| 12 February 2005 16:21
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Sermon Update

Submitted for your reading, edification, and pleasure, my sermon from this past Sunday--the Transfiguration of Our Lord. Please click Sermons in the appropriate menu bar to read the manuscript. Thank you for your attention

| 08 February 2005 10:15
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Comment Spam

I'm catching them as quick as I can. I'm blocking the ip-ranges and deleting all comments from this-or-that loan and here-and-there blackjack. This is called referrer spam. They are left here by an internet bot, not a person. The idea behind it is not so much to get you to follow their links, but to increase their Google Page Rank by placing links to their businesses over and over and over again on as many different web pages as possible. The more links to their site, the higher their rank. The higher the rank, the more people who are actually looking for these things will be able to find it more quickly on Google.

Now, an upgrade in Pivot has what they call a fix for this. There is a tag that can be placed in the links which will stop Google's bot from following those links, therefore not increasing the rank. This is a no-win situation for me, becuase I still have to go through and delete all the spam. It's just more work for me. No thanks.

Anyway, now you know what's going on.

| 06 February 2005 07:49
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to NHL or not to NHL

Finally, they're talking. It took 5 months of whispers and one-liners, but the two sides are finally sitting down and discussing things. But, I think it may be too late. There are rumors that the NHL is ready to cancel the season altogether today. Well, I have to ask, why did you wait so friggin' long to hash something out? You and the NHLPA are the manifestations of a couple of stubborn doofusses (ahem*GaryBettman*cough*cough*BobGoodenow*ahem). Thanks for caring enough for us, the fans, in order to beat more money out of each other with which to line your pockets. I hate you!

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| 04 February 2005 13:38
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What a Scare

18 days. It doesn't seem like all that long a time. Two weeks, four days. That kind of time goes by so quickly for someone who lives 70 or more years, on average.

In the life of a computer, however, 18 days is a long time...a very long time.

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| 01 February 2005 11:08
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