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Ladies and gentlemen... we have a winner!
28 August 2005 14:24


Yes, I finally found a food that I could not only get Robert to eat, but he smiled and did the baby bird thing for more! Granted, he ate maybe a teaspoon of the tablespoon I had for him, but he ate it happily and he kept it all down!!! He really WON'T breastfeed-only forever!!!! =)

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Robert's trip to Florida
23 August 2005 23:29

There are a lot of picture here - just a few of the ones we took. Things have been rather busy for the resident webmaster/pastor since returning, so these will have to tide you over until he can update the family photo album =) (more)

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22 August 2005 20:21

Robert has been doing some fun stuff lately. Saturday he was sitting in his spot on the couch next to Geof and he turned himself and stood up! When I was holding his hands while he was sitting on the table at the doctor's office he pulled up to standing on me, too. Life is going to get interesting around here =)

Today, I put him on his blanket (which is such a joke since he gets right off of it) on the floor in the living room. He circled around on there from toy to toy for a bit then saw me across the room... and he scooted/army-crawled to me - at least 15 feet!

We also got his 6 month pictures taken at Sears today. In case you didn't get the email describing why they're kind of, well, not as good as last time... Sears has gone digital. So even though the proofs don't look all that great, the pictures that we actually purchased look great. And we googled before leaving for a coupon. While we didn't find one for discounts on the actual portrait sheets, we found one for a free photo collage (normally $25) and it was printed for us to take home before we left. It's really cute! Anyway, if you would like the link to the pictures, let us know... the 3 month ones are also still available (the link is in the May archives around the 9th or 10th).

The link IS working now.

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He IS a well-baby
16 August 2005 11:33

Robert had his 6 month well-baby check today. He's weighing in at about 17 pounds (we were having major scale problems - the regular baby scale said he was 15 lbs 12 ounces - less than at 4 months - so we did the weigh me/weigh him with me thing. I successfully carried a naked baby in and out of the exam room without getting peed on!) and 26 inches long. He's right on the mean for weight and just below for length. We never got around to getting a head circumference, but I'll do that later tonight myself. (17.75" on 8/18/05)

We talked about his ankle eczema (normal once babies develope little chub-rolls like he has... and we can keep using the aquaphore on it) and his hivey day (no idea, just be careful... and he will most likely remain sensitive because he's a redhead).

Otherwise, great appointment and we don't have to go back until 9 months (the day after my birthday, actually).

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10 August 2005 22:50

WHAT?!?!? Seriously, this boy will not listen to us telling him to slow the aging down.

No, really, the time is going fast - as we knew it would - but we're loving every minute of it. To celebrate his 6th "month-a-versary" today, Robert took a little stroll into the land of "solid" food. I mashed up a little bit of banana with some breastmilk and he slurped up about a third of it.

Then spit it all up.

So I think the next time we try solids with him, I'll just give him a little (non-chokable) piece of banana and let him pick it up and have at it. I don't think we'll try it again until he's back in South Dakota (we're still in Florida with the southern Wagners), but we'll see. He's definitely been showing an interest in our spoons, food, how we eat, etc. for awhile now but we wanted to wait the recommended 6 months from the AAP. Knowing Robert as I do, I have a feeling he'll be one of those baby's that doesn't take to them for awhile yet. That's okay - we'll just keep offering them to him and letting him lead his solids-eating... and I'll be getting a lot of healthy leftovers (we're making all his baby food ourselves).

Here's a couple pictures from today's breakfast... (more)

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Baby's first plane trip
02 August 2005 12:42

We leave tomorrow morning (well tonight to get to the airport) for our trip to Tampa for Grandpa and Grandma Wagner's 60th anniversary. Geof and I have both been fighting off colds, but Robert seems pretty good (yay, breastfeeding) so hopefully this will go well. I'm excited about the Florida part of the trip - just not sure how well Robert will take to flying (especially take-off and landing). But only time will tell!

I hope to find time to update while we're in Tallahassee with Mom and Dad (and Jessie, Andrew and Brandi).

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