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Happy Halloween
30 October 2005 22:50

Marion moved trick-or-treating to Sunday night because of a high school football game tomorrow. While that made for a long Sunday for us, it makes for earlier pictures of everyone's favorite puppy for you!

(He'll be dressed up again tomorrow to accompany me to my doctor's appointment - so if we take more pictures, I may update this again tomorrow evening) (more)

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7 pictures from the last few weeks
24 October 2005 00:49

My favorite subject... (more)

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The Sound of Music
23 October 2005 21:49

Robert has started singing along to music. Yesterday, Geof noticed that he was singing along to his stacking ring music. I got to hear it today for the first time, though I did hear him sing *along with* the hymns today at church (usually he sings after the hymn ends... yay). He also sang along to the radio on our trip home from the grocery store today. He's no where near on pitch (okay, there was one time he was on pitch and tempo, but I still say that was a fluke), but it's really, really cute!

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Today (10/18)
19 October 2005 00:50

First, and big congratulations to David and Adrienne Olsen on the birth of their daughter, Moriah Renee. She was 6 pounds and 19 inches long. I didn't ask what time she was born - dad sounded exhausted and mom was sleeping... poor thing was in labor since Sunday! But I'll talk to them when they're home. We love you guys!

Robert had a great eating day today - he had about 12 of the little Gerber veggie puffs (look like cat food, taste like Kix) and somewhere between 1/4-1/3 of the jar of sweet potatoes! He had a hard time going to bed tonight - but he's sleeping soundly now.

We also got him some soft shoes yesterday when we were at the mall - while he's been pulling up and walking around barefoot at home (as I prefer), I know he'll want to be standing and pulling up in places that I don't want him barefoot or sock-footed (like the doctor's office or other public places). They're really cute - little racoons sewn in the tops - we found them at Old Navy. I'll have to post the pictures from today when I get a chance.

Sorry if our presence here and via email is minimal lately. We've been having internet problems since Sunday afternoon and they still aren't fixed. So we're here as we can be.

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8 months (a few days late)
12 October 2005 15:30

It's been really busy here with the conference last week and then a funeral this week, so I'm sorry that we're a few days behind.

I weighed Robert at the post office yesterday - 18 lbs 7.5 ounces. Yes, he's down 1.5 ounces, but he's also extremely mobile these days... so I'm not worried. I haven't measured him yet - but I plan to do that when I change him this evening.

He's got his tooth, still working on that second one. Geof said that he crawled three "steps" today up in the office at church while I was working with the ladies in the kitchen downstairs. As of last night, I'm finally willing to say that he waves now when prompted. Sometimes it takes a bit to get him going, but he'll wave back if someone waves at him (and if he's waving to "the baby in the mirror" we can be there for awhile!) He has also started "singing." He doesn't sing when other people are singing, but he will sing "with" the music on his swing, sometimes the radio, too. He was singing while he was nursing to sleep last night, too.

His favorite sounds (I won't say words yet) are nah nah nah, da-da-da-da, and ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. We haven't heard much of Bob Bob Bob Bob lately, but he'll still smile big if you start "Bob Bobbing" at him.

Here's a few pictures of the boy from the past month: (more)

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08 October 2005 18:15

Today, Robert's lower right front tooth broke through... and he crawled!!!

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