Mommy's Journal

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Catching up
10 April 2006 14:46

I think of things to update when I'm away from the computer, and then when I'm here - I forget what they were. So, lets see...

Robert is getting very good at following short orders - like asking him to "turn off the music" (his crib aquarium) when we leave the room, or asking him to come to me or get his sippy cup.

He's still charming just about anyone who will look at him - including the seniors at Nutrition when we worked last week. He went with our neighbor, Bud, a couple days ago when he and I went to visit the neighbors on a walk. I stayed in talking with Aryss, and Robert and Bud went out to the swings in the backyard for a good while. (more)

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TWO new teeth
03 April 2006 21:40

And hopefully that explains why he's been such a crab today! Anyway here's the current smile - new teeth in red:


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Packin' it away
01 April 2006 00:52

Robert has been eating us out of house and home (again). I still have no idea where he puts it all. I'm just assuming that he's going through a growth spurt - because that's the only sensible option I can think of.

One of the things I wanted to mention the other day and couldn't remember at the time... he now knows how to turn light switchs on and off. He gets pretty offended if you do it when you're carrying him, because, really, he could have done that for you! (more)

Daddy's Journal

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Not Much Activity Here
02 April 2006 21:36

This site seems to be going the way of the dodo, if only ever so slightly. Robert's getting a sibling, so we're almost ignore this site in favor of "Zy's." Of course, I'm doing no better there than I am here.

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