Mommy's Journal

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I'll do you one better... VIDEO!
31 July 2006 22:35

Here's a little movie of Robert dancing yesterday evening. He's so cute - I love him =) (more)

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Pictures for Grandpa
and everyone else who has been so patient
27 July 2006 15:06

Here's 8 pictures of the boy from this month! (more)

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Silly Goose!
26 July 2006 23:02

Robert has been doing a "food dance" - whenever we give him something to eat (if he's not in the high chair), he'll take a bite, take a bunch of steps back, step forward, dance in place, repeat. I try not to do it often because I worry about him choking... but it's *really* funny! He also does this weird little gasp/bark/giggle/pant thing where he raises both hands over his head at the same time... like he's doing a one-man wave. Then he just busts out laughing. He's so cool when he's well rested!

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Show me the love!
23 July 2006 21:17

When I go to change Robert's diaper, there's a little teddy bear on the nightstand that he sometimes wants to play with. So when I give it to him, I have the bear kinda nuzzle up against his face and make a kissy sound - like the bear is giving him a kiss.

This evening while I was getting him ready for bed, he started "uh-uh-uh"ing at the bear. So I said, "Do you want the teddy bear?" and handed it to him. He picked it up to his face and gave the bear a noisy kiss on the nose =)

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Another milestone
and some extra update stuff
20 July 2006 00:29

I never did a 17 month post (but did take some photos... so I'll get those up soon). So I thought I'd take a minute to update while I'm having trouble sleeping. (more)

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In the kiddie pool
06 July 2006 23:14

These were from last week... just hadn't gotten around to posting them yet... (more)

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Sleepy baby = growing baby?

Robert has been sleeping a lot lately. He was out late on the 4th with us watching fireworks the farm of some members. When the fireworks were over and he finished covering himself in eating his watermelon, I took him back to the car and stripped him down. We took him home in just a diaper. Geof got him back to his room, put him in some pjs, and laid him in the crib. He said by the time he got the blanket pulled up on him, Robert's eyes were already closed. That was a little after 11 PM. (more)

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Another new word (or more)
02 July 2006 22:02

Today as Geof was putting Robert in the car, he said something like, "It's time to go to church." To which Robert responded "chuch."

When I asked him tonight if he wanted to take a bath, I didn't hear the response, but Geof said it sounded like he repeated the question. While I was stripping him down in the bathroom though and talking to him, he did say bath again.

He's trying soooo hard to repeat everything we say. Sometimes it's close - sometimes... not so much! But it's always fun to hear what he's going to say next =)

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