Mommy's Journal

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Picture time!
29 January 2007 02:14

Robert's new favorite thing is for me to take his picture and then say "Bauh-Bauh" (Bob-Bob) over and over until you show him the picture on the back. (more)

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Copy Cat
19 January 2007 02:29

Robert is in this adorable copying stage. It's not totally annoying, repeat everything... but he likes to try and say whatever you just said and do what you're doing. (more)

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And Happy New Year!
08 January 2007 02:40

Here's a few photos of our happy little man! (more)

Daddy's Journal
Raising a child (and preparing to raise a child) is expensive. Now, I don't want to make this sound like a plea for aid, but I know how generous people can be. Anyone wishing to share their generosity with us is welcome. We accept gifts through PayPal. If you would like to snail mail us, contact us for our mailing address.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!