Rev. Geoffrey A. Wagner
Site Founder and Citizen Skinner
Nickname: Stingray
Email: stingray [at] [remove NOSPAM]
Web: Atlantis ~ Domain of the Stingray
Age: No Comment
Location: Marion, SD
Mobile Device(s):
[operating system]
Toshiba e805 [Windows Mobile 2003]
Casio Cassiopeia E-125 [Windows CE 3.0 for Pocket PC 2000]
Skins For:
Today Banners (original PocketPC)
Today Themes (OS2002/2003)
PocketBlinds 1.x
WisBar Advance 2.x
Skinning Since: Late 2001

Yes, that "Rev." in front of my name is real. I am a rightly called and ordained servant of the Word. I serve two churches in rural South Dakota.

Since I have a VGA capable Pocket PC, all of my skins are made to work in Real VGA (I don't use the Standard VGA of OS 2003SE). So, my Today Themes come with backgrounds that are large enough to fill the entire screen at VGA resolutions. I use WisBar Advance 2.x on my Toshiba, too, so they work in Real VGA (as any skin is capable of doing).

Other skins I make are made on my Cassiopeia E-125. Currently, it's in disrepair (I need to get the backlight replaced). Once it is repaired, however, it gets handed down to my wife. So, any skinning I do on it will be at her liesure.

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