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Created: 29 September 2004
Updated: 29 September 2004
Skinner: Rev. Geoffrey A. Wagner

This Theme is a satellite image (with a grid overlay) of some nebula (I forget which). It comes in two varieties; one with a blue title bar, one with a "silver" title bar. These are designed to work with either "blue" or "silver" theme skins from other applications (such as PocketBlinds or WisBar). The start menu background is also part of the Today Screen background and fits correctly over it where it should.

This Theme is designed to work with VGA capable devices. The background image is 640x640 and will fill the today screen in VGA modes.

As the background image is not offically mine, I cannot copyright this skin.

Download: galactic.tsk [762KB]
galacticsilver.tsk [762KB]
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