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It Just Wasn't Meant to Be

There's always next year, right? You bet. We got a new coach with a winning track record and some exciting times ahead of us. We have a win in Tallahassee to look back on. A bowl win would have been nice, but sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.

| 31 December 2004 22:47
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New Year's Resolution??

This one comes courtesy of my mother-in-law...

Finally, some sage advice from Dr. Phil...I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me and we all could use more calm in our lives. By following the simple advice I heard on a Dr. Phil show, I have finally found inner peace.

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| 21:52
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The Grace of God is Strength to Stand
Rise again, ye lion-hearted Saints of early Christendom
Whither is your strength departed, Whither gone your martyrdom?
Lo, love's light is on them, Glory's flame upon them,
And their will to die doth quell, E'en the lord and prince of hell.

These the men by fear unshaken, Facing danger dauntlessly;
These no witching lust hath taken, Lust that lures to vanity.
Mid the roar and rattle Of tumultuous battle
In desire they soar above All that earth would have them love.

Great of heart, they know no turning, Honor, gold, they laugh to scorn,
Quench desires within them burning, By no earthly passion torn.
Mid the lion's roaring Songs of praise outpouring,
Joyously they take their stand On th'arena's bloody sand.

Would to God that I might even As the martyred saints of old,
With the helping hand of Heaven, Steadfast stand in battle bold!
O my God, I pray Thee, In the combat stay me.
Grant that I may ever be Loyal, staunch, and true to Thee. Amen.

Rise Again, Ye Lion-Hearted (The Lutheran Hymnal #470)
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| 26 December 2004 16:38
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Christmas is Real

People read history books without question. Why is that? Facts are recorded and all according to the point of view of the historian. Regardless, because it is recorded in a history book, it has to be real. You'd think it was a newspaper or something.

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| 25 December 2004 22:48
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Christmas versus Xmas
or Merry Chrismahanukwanzika to You!

Ever wondered about the origins of the "word" Xmas? Well, to put it simply X looks an aweful lot like the Greek letter chi. Chi happens to be the first letter in the Greek word Christ. So, Xmas is shorthand for Christmas.

Well, used to be...

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| 21 December 2004 17:07
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Church and State

An alarmist is said to have stated that the ACLU is out to establish no religion in this country. In other words, the ACLU is trying to have the government ban religion. While their actions in recent years (perhaps since they were founded) seem to point in such a direction, I don't feel ready to concur with an alarmist. On the other hand, alarmists are sometimes well ahead of their times...

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| 16 December 2004 17:13
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Sermon Update

I've uploaded my sermon from last Sunday. Click the Sermons link above (or to the left for mobile browsers).

| 09 December 2004 14:36
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More Gator Goodness

Virginia Tech beat the University of Miami, FL 16-10 today.

And this means what for the Gators?

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| 04 December 2004 16:34
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It's Time for Some Urban Warfare

Urban Meyer that is.

Said to be the most sought after coach in the country on a day when Notre Dame and Florida officials visited with him (the only day anyone has), Coach Urban Meyer is said to have accepted the job offered to him to be the University of Florida's next football coach. He is reported to have accepted this over his dream job at Notre Dame.

If the reports are true, I wish him luck in coaching my Gators. May he have the success of Spurrier, the heart, will, and desire of Zook, and the gratification of the fans. And if he doesn't have the latter, he'll have mine anyway. I may have been tough on the Zooker, but it was his time to go--in any event, I appreciated his zeal for UF, and he has my thanks for being a UF coach. Meyer will receive the same, no matter the outcome.

Welcome coach, I'm glad you're here, and GO GATORS!

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