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A Sense of Self
28 July 2005 22:07

Robert's word sound of the day is:

Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob


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Rashy boy
27 July 2005 23:04

I don't know why I'm still worried about this - it seems to be going away - but I keep worrying about him. He gets a hive every now and then and it quickly goes away. This afternoon he all of a sudden got about 10ish scattered all over his torso and arm. I washed him, and me, and changed all my clothes - they went away.

Then we put him in the exersaucer while we ate - as we always do - and when Geof handed him to me (I'm having back problems right now so Geof is doing my lifting, poor guy), Robert felt "funny." I took a good look at his belly and almost threw up from fear. (more)

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I know, I know...
24 July 2005 22:14

I never post, and then I go nuts in one night. It's not my fault that Robert likes to grow in big chunks =)

After I posted about rolling over, Robert and I were playing on the floor in the livingroom. He was rolling over belly to back to belly to back. Then when he was back on his belly, he pushed up with his hands and wiggled himself backward - about 3 feet! Nothing is safe!

Then this evening we had a good rain going on - and it was 83 outside - so we went and stood on the porch in the rain for a few minutes. Don't worry, grandmas, I dried him off well when we came inside. He was so cute - he had this look of, "what the...?" Then a moth caught his eye and life was good =)

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He goes both ways!

Robert finally rolled over from back to belly. He's been going from belly to back for a few months, but was just lazy the other way, I guess. I even caught it on video because I was taping him being a spaz and then he just rolled over.

He's also learning this little song we play with him. (more)

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20 July 2005 22:42

Robert is having a ball with peek-a-boo lately. Tonight he didn't even care if I "hid" - just saying "peek-a-boo" put him into fits of giggles and screaches. I don't quite get it since he's terrified of me leaving his site these days (yay separation anxiety!), but I take it as a promising sign that phase is almost over.

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More photos
14 July 2005 01:01

Okay, the super bad teething pain seems to have stopped for the day - replaced it with the constant pooping (yay) - but he's had a good day, so I'm happy.

In other updates, all of a sudden the boy has a TON of hair. It all grew out in the last couple of weeks. I was joking with one of my friends that I wondered if HE had heartburn since he grew so much hair so fast (old wives tale about heartburn during pregnancy = baby with lots of hair). He had a good amount of hair when he was born, lost a lot of it, and now it's back. Geof likes to mess it up =) He's really cute (I'm speaking of Robert this time - but they both are!)

He's also big into kissing right now - but when he's done you need a mop and a towel! There's a picture of him "kissing" my leg in the photos where I was trying to get the best shot of his hair. He's been making these chewing/kissing sounds with his mouth all night. We tried to get it on video, but of course he only did it a few times then. (more)

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I miss the whining
12 July 2005 16:53

Robert has been alternately crying and screaming for the last full hour.

Of course Geof has confirmation class right now... Robert only has these fits when daddy's not home to hear them/get the pass off.

If these damn teeth don't come out on their own REAL SOON I'm going in after them!

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5 months
10 July 2005 23:57

I'm not even going to complain about the time going fast =)

He's been super active - and super fussy - hence my lack of posting. He's also been "reverse cycling" (not wanting to eat during the day and wanting to be latched on all night), so I've been pooped. But we're working on that and I've started reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution (highly recommended by a few friends) to get a handle on the every 60-90 minute wake-ups that have started.

He's totally sitting up better on his own... even sat in a restaurant high chair yesterday for the first time (time to sew the covers!). He then tried to eat the table, but that's another story!

He's big on banging his hands on tables - and whoever holds him =) He likes kicking his legs a lot, too - and trying to roll off the changing table - naked - during diaper changes.

He giggles uncontrollably when we call him "Stinka butt" =)

He's about 17.5 pounds - I haven't measured his length (but his feet touch flat in the exersaucer now and we can't squeak by with a small onesie anymore - so he's taller).

He loves to talks and squeal - and we'll have "ah ah ah ah" conversations back and forth for minutes now... although he sometimes freaks out and cries when Geof joins in.

I love him!

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05 July 2005 18:15

He's getting so big... and he's more "play-with-able", too =) (more)

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