Pocket Longhorn
for WisBar Advance 2.x

Other Images: Aero | Athens | Slate
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Created: 9 October 2004
Updated: 22 October 2004
Skinner: Rev. Geoffrey A. Wagner

On the heels of Pocket Royale (a Pocket PC version of Windows XP Media Center Edition) comes Pocket Longhorn, a Pocket PC version of Windows Codename Longhorn. This skin comes with 4 different varieties: the well-known Plex, Aero, Athens, and Slate. This is based off of a visual style I downloaded some time ago for Windows XP (StyleXP), with all the elements modifed for WisBar.

The zip file contains a font: Segoe UI (seguibk.ttf). Place this file in your device's \Windows\Fonts directory. Two of the Longhorn styles make use of this font.

The icons in this skin are "stock" icons from Windows XP and Windows XP Media Center Edition. The other images are based off of Windows images. I cannot copyright this skin.

HiRes: No
Other Skins in shot(s): Inferno [Today Theme]
Download: pocketlonghorn.zip [269KB]
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