Pocket Lunas
for WisBar Advance 2.x

Other Images: Olive | Silver
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Created: 28 September 2004
Updated: 8 October 2004
Skinner: Rev. Geoffrey A. Wagner

When I had to replace my Cassiopeia E-125, I knew what kind of device I wanted to get...well, make anyway. I knew that the new operating system would be Windows Mobile 2003 (or 2003 SE). Unfortunately, PocketBlinds 1.x (what I had been using) was incompatible with OS 2003. Fortunately, WisBar Advance was. I downloaded it, installed it, and quickly got to work on porting my most used PocketBlinds skins to it. This is the first skin to undergo the "transformation."

In truth, this one skin is actually three in one download. WisBar supports multiple configuration files in one folder. So, in the Pocket Lunas folder you will find all of the normal Windows XP Luna colors: Blue, Olive, and Silver. To see the other colors in action, simply hover your mouse over the links below.

The icons in this skin are "stock" icons from Windows XP. The other images are based off of Windows images. I cannot copyright this skin.

HiRes: No
Other Skins in shot(s): Inferno [Today Theme]
Green [Today Theme]
Download: pocketlunas.zip [74KB]
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