Mommy's Journal

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29 March 2005 23:07

Seriously... is there any doubt why we're smitten with him? (more)

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Happy Easter
and Robert updates, of course!!
27 March 2005 19:24

Today was the first time Robert went to both services. This will not be a regular practice, but most likely for special occasions like Christmas and Easter... as long as he's up to it. He even had a new, cute little outfit to wear to church today. We took some pictures as soon as we put him in it this morning... and right before he spit up all over the quilt in his crib. We're not dumb... if we want a photo of him in something, it has to happen within the first 5 minutes!

More baby updates here --> (more)

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Fess up!
24 March 2005 17:27

Come on... who just voted for "boy" on the poll? Robert is 6 weeks old, silly!

You know you'll feel better... get it off your conscience ;)

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We'll figure it out eventually
19 March 2005 14:24

While trying to figure out a "diaper issue" Robert was having (it's all good), I stumbled upon a "Q&A" section on about breastfeeding. Now, I did a lot of reading and asked a lot of questions before Robert was born, so I feel quite confident with how things are going. But I saw the question, "Should I drink orange juice while breastfeeding?" (more)

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Thank You
13 March 2005 12:14

As I hope most of you understand, my hands are quite often full of a cute little boy. He sleeps really well at night, so I have no reason to complain when he's up much of the day.

However, since I've got him a lot of the time, thank you notes are taking much longer than I would like to get written out and sent. Please know that they are coming... it will just be awhile longer.

Thanks for understanding!

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Robert ate a smurf!
Now with pictures!
07 March 2005 23:29

Okay, not quite! We have thrush, though, and part of the treatment is a few days of gentian violet swabbed on his tongue once a day. It dies his tongue (and anything it comes in contact with) a dark purple. We took his before and after photos today... they're up under the "more" link... (more)

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Seeing spots
04 March 2005 16:00

My poor, spotty baby! As if the newborn acne wasn't enough... (more)

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Growing like a weed
01 March 2005 10:28

So much to catch up on here, but a quick update on how our little buddy has grown since birth (from yesterday's 18 day check-up).

10 pounds (9lbs, 3 oz at birth... aprox 8lbs, 13 oz when we left the hospital... I forgot the exact weight)
21.25 in (21 in at birth)
14.5" head circumference (14" at birth)

He's topping the growth charts right now, but I expect he'll be a typical breastfed baby and slow down/lose when he gets more mobile. He was called "perfect" by the doctor... and mommy and daddy couldn't agree more (but we're biased).

In other developmental milestones, Robert has been holding his head up longer and longer each day. He's getting quite strong - and fighting us at diaper changes has actually become a competitive sport =)

Other updates from this weekend (baptism and family time) when my sleeping beauty is otherwise occupied. For now, I'm enjoying my baby time!

Daddy's Journal

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In Memoriam
30 March 2005 08:20

One of Robert's namesakes passed away Sunday night/Monday morning (we're not sure). Josefa Uibelhör died in her Lord's arms after a long bout with Parkinson's disease.

I will remember her as a loving and giving grandmother. She was a woman with deep affection for her family, hearty admiration for my mother's American husband (my father--still her husband), and a quick and witty humor. Any meal time at their place was an occasion in which she gave her all to prepare a meal fit for a king, and only we lonely paupers were the guests.

Tschuess, Oma, treffen wir wieder, wenn der Rest von uns Gott in unserem eigenen Fleisch mit unseren eigenen Augen sehen. Rest in Frieden.

I will tell Robert how much she was loved by me and his aunt and uncle.

We rejoice that her suffering has ended, that the disease no longer is taking its toll, that she awaits the resurrection of the dead when she will rise to life in a restored body. Christ is risen!

Raising a child (and preparing to raise a child) is expensive. Now, I don't want to make this sound like a plea for aid, but I know how generous people can be. Anyone wishing to share their generosity with us is welcome. We accept gifts through PayPal. If you would like to snail mail us, contact us for our mailing address.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!