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30 December 2005 17:48

That tooth that peeked through on Christmas Day went back in (3 of his 4 teeth did this!). But today the second top front tooth broke through. He has already taken this as an opportunity to try and bite my chin, cheek, finger, and big toe.

He has also been figuring out different buttons on things (specifically his incrediblock and the crib aquarium). It's fun to see him finally getting the hang of things after showing him what they do - this is a new thing. He also has completely let go of whatever he is holding on to for about a second a few times today. As soon as he lets go he starts waving his arms around wildly to try and keep his balance. It's really funny - he's getting a little braver every day!

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First Night Up with a Sick Kiddo


Every night, I nurse Robert to sleep, Geof takes him to the crib, and Robert sleeps. Usually he's down for the night between 10-11, and he wakes up (I have the baby monitor on) between 4-6. Then, I take my thyroid pill and go to his room, get him out of the crib, and lay down with him on the bed in his room. He'll usually nurse back to sleep and will let me sleep until about 9 - give or take.

The last sentence didn't happen last night. (more)

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Robert's First Christmas
25 December 2005 23:45

I'll do another post tomorrow about gifts and celebrations here... but I'm sure many of you just want to get to the pictures already =)

I hope all of you had a wonderful couple of days revelling in the miracle of Christ's birth. Gloria in Excelsis Deo! (more)

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24 December 2005 02:08

Bad hair day... (more)

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What to say
21 December 2005 16:10

I should probably update, but things have been (thankfully) surprisingly *normal* here lately. No great milestones, no new teeth, he's not reading Shakespear or reworking Einstein's theory of relativity. He's just being a cute, lovable, sometimes cranky 10-month old baby boy.

He likes to "sing" - he's stuck on da-da as the sylable of the week, he carries the (barely used) bottle brush around - chewing on the handle end and "sweeping" the coffee table with the bristles. He's still not thrilled with me leaving his sight - but we keep working on that, too.

He's starting to figure out how the sippy cup works - with a little bit of water in it each day.

But that's about it! We're looking forward to seeing his reaction to tearing up wrapping paper - and whether or not he'll let me actually hold a lit candle at the candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

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10 months (with photos)
10 December 2005 17:40

Let's see... Robert has 3 teeth, is cruising very well on stationery objects and cautiously on moving objects (like our legs - don't worry... we move slowly!), he LOVES peek-a-boo, still isn't too thrilled with diaper changes, is grasping the concept of opening presents and is eating more foods. So far those are:
sweet potato
sweet peas
onions (in a combo)
green beans (only tried in combo)
apples (LOVES them!)
pears (ditto)
peaches (eh... not his favorite, but okay mixed in rice cereal)
rice cereal
baby crack veggie puffs (sweet potato or corn)
apple wagon wheels (if we break them up for him)
cheerios (more)

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Tooth #3
06 December 2005 12:34

Robert's top (his) right tooth broke through. I thought it might have started yesterday, but he wouldn't let me get a good look or feel. Maybe this is why he slept so poorly last night if I wasn't rocking him...

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05 December 2005 23:24

Robert now knows how to be the "hider" in peek-a-boo. I thought that was what he was doing the other day, but I wasn't sure. Just a few minutes ago he took the corner of a blanket and kept covering his eyes. Geof and I would make a big deal about "Where's Robert? Where did Robert go? Oh no, he's missing!" and then he would pull it down so he could see us and we would say, "There he is!" or "Peek-a-boo!" It got to the point that, while he was hiding, he would be giggling out of control! It was so cute!

A related factoid... I've noticed that people around here - even those we encountered in New Ulm, MN - don't say peek-a-boo. They just say peek.

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