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Snow Day!
25 February 2007 23:07

We had a snow day today... as did most of the rest of the state (and from the sound of it, most of the country to the east of us). Geof was up at 4:50 when the power went out (for the first of 5 times) to locate and plug in our corded phone. With the bad storm, we were waiting on a call from the president of the early service congregation to determine road conditions there and here (we live about 8 miles west of church 1, he lives about 8-10 miles east - making us about the two furthest points for members). He got back to bed about 5:15. We were woken up a few more times when the power came back on because the carbon monoxide detector squealed and my touch-lamp would turn on. The president called at 6:50, so then Geof was up making phone calls to cancel services at both churches. (more)

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Four Words

I meant to add in the post yesterday that Robert strung FOUR words together. Granted, it could have been accomplished in 3, but we were so shocked and proud! My dinner came with green beans. When Robert saw them, he kept begging for beans... and I won't deny him veggies! They came with some jalapeño bacon that was really too spicy, so I was taking them one at a time, wiping them off and putting them in his food basket. He was eating them as soon as they got there at first, but I eventually got a bit ahead of him and had a couple waiting for him. He looked down and said, "Two the geen beans!"

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New Kiddo Pics, Mini-Furniture and More
24 February 2007 01:10

We took the kids to Sears today for Robert's 2 year and Mikki's 3 month photos. I wanted to get one of the two of them together, but as last time, they'd have none of it. Too bad, too... the one pose the girl did was really cute (R on his tummy, M on hers - propped on her elbows over his back). And I really wanted to get a head-to-toe picture of Robert. I took a wise photographer's advice and put him in a white shirt and khakis... but he saw the @#$%^ red car, and that was the only way we could get him to sit even semi-still. All in all, they turned out pretty cute!

(I just need to remember to ask them to remove the car from the room before our next appointment...)

Cuties (more)

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21 February 2007 17:23

I finally finished writing up Robert's vocabulary... and I keep thinking of and hearing new ones that aren't on the list. Writing this up, I've noticed that he doesn't say Rs or Ls yet. I'm not worried about it - they are two of the harder sounds to say. We also follow up his mispronounciations with the correct ones (Like "Wah-wah" is followed by "Would you like your water?"). The one exception to this is pizza - because we think ah-piece is just freaking cute! =)

Anyway, here's what I have so far: (more)

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News and Pictures
16 February 2007 01:19

I realized that I never posted about Robert's well-baby visit. He's in great health. 26 pounds, 33 inches tall, pulse between 104-108. The doctor said he was doing really well - perfect =) I asked about his toe nail that he ripped off (and never complained about). She said it's hard to tell... it may grow back fine over time or it may stay kinda odd. But other than that, nothing to even really discuss. He's about 50th percentile for weight, and while I don't remember the percentile, his height was right on *his* curve.

Nurse Kathy said he should have a vocabulary of at least 20 words... sooooo not a problem! I have to sit down and make a catagorical list of everything he says. He's going through another language explosion right now where it changes (for the better) over the course of hours. Example: Apple sauce used to be "sauce." He had some for dinner on Wednesday, first calling it sauce, asking for seconds as "aah sauce," then asking for "ah-poh sauce" for breakfast the next morning!

Here are a few more photos: (more)

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10 February 2007 21:51

Happy 2nd Birthday, baby!!!!

We woke Robert before his normal wake-time, so the day had a bit of a rocky start (but not bad... just stunned). He was exhausted after the zoo, so the butterfly house and Coldstone will be put off until Monday. Hopefully we'll fit in his 2 year (and Mikki's 3 month) photos at Sears then as well. But here's some of today in photos... most of the zoo was on video rather than still. (more)

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