Mommy's Journal

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More pictures!
21 June 2007 07:40

From Father's Day and day off... (more)

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More (older) photos
14 June 2007 06:29

I found some more singletons while looking through vacation photos. So here's some more of our beloved little guy. The group shots are over on my blog. (more)

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Update and photos
12 June 2007 05:05

Bob-Bob's rash seemed to be getting a lot better. Then one stint in the pool in the yard and a poopy diaper and things looked bad again. When I changed a poopy diaper at LWML last Thursday and saw what looked to be new blisters, I called the doctor and she got him in that afternoon. Thankfully, she said it didn't look like the impetigo was flaring up again - that the antibiotics were doing their job. She throught that maybe it was just a case of heat rash with possibly a little yeast starting to attack. Also thankfully, we had started him on a probiotic when he was on antibiotics, so it never got out of control. Now, he's starting to look, well, smooth as a baby's bottom again. If only we could take it easy on the pooping (we had two blow-outs today).

Here are some pictures from Bob-Bob's time in and around Chicago. Warning - big boy ahead! (more)

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Bob-Bob Lingo
number/alphabet update and cars
04 June 2007 18:27

Well, the augmentin is doing it's thing and causing some diarrhea. While waiting for the doctor to call back as far as whether we should switch his antibiotic (again) or just keep him well hydrated and change him a lot, I thought I'd give him a pedialyte popsicle. I asked him if he wanted a popsicle, and he said...


=) (more)

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