Mommy's Journal

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And new stuff
23 January 2008 07:16

Okay, things Robert has been up to lately... (more)

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Another Proud Mama Moment

This is the other story from December 17th (mentioned in the previous post). (more)

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Filling that big empty hole

See that HUGE chunk that's missing... the info from November 10th through the beginning of this year? Things got busy, then my computer (with my password to this site) died. But I kept up with Robert stories on my other site. Now, I'll post them here.

I'm really tired, so I don't know how many I'll get through tonight. But if not all of them, they'll get finished up in the next day or so. (more)

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Funny Robert moment
13 January 2008 01:08

Geof and I put the Christmas tree away this afternoon while the kids were napping. In the middle of that, Geof went to get the mail and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms from the garage pantry. We had a few, we read our mail, and then the two cards and the open bag were left on the window sill while we finished putting away the ornaments and whatnot.

When Robert got up, he noticed that the tree was "away" and then gravitated to the chocolate (he's my son). He said, "Want some?" so I told him he could have a few. Then I started lowering the blinds and the bad of M&Ms and the mail were in the way. I asked him to pick up the chocolate and the mail and bring them to daddy.

He walked across the room and gave the mail to Geof, but he kept the bag of M&Ms. I said, "Robert, aren't you going to give the M&Ms to Daddy?" With the most innocent voice in and extreme cuteness of inflection, he said, "No I not! These need to stay with me!"

I laughed so hard I could barely breathe!

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Robert is...
06 January 2008 05:53

a ROBOT (more)

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Long time - no post
02 January 2008 08:36

I've been saving Robert posts on another journal so that I could put them up here when I relearned how to access the site (my laptop - and all my stored info - died). So I'll be adding that over the next few days. In the meantime, here are a few picture of Robert from October through the end of 2007. These are the ones of JUST Robert - any with Mikaela also will be up on my blog in a few days. (more)

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