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A shout out and some pictures
25 June 2005 17:17

First, a big congratulations to Heather and Peter Finnegan on the birth of their son.
Patrick Christian Finnegan was born on June 21st at 7:34 pm. 7 lbs, 19 inches long.

Under the cut here we have a few of Geof's baby picture for comparison to Robert (yes, they really are Geof - not Robert) as well as the scan of the free family picture we had taken a couple weeks ago. Robert's individual picture turned out really nice, but we're not paying the "great bargain price" of $18.50 a sheet for them. So whenever he shows up in the paper we'll scan that, too. (more)

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Yes, this is out of order...
and you're not complaining, right?
19 June 2005 17:16

Robert loves to stand.

He's not that great at standing on his own yet and, well, he's short. Stooping all the time was hurting my back.

Now he's a happy (and not overstimulated) boy - and I can actually have my hands free for a few minutes at a time! Don't worry, grandparents - he's right next to me... (more)

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Happy Father's Day!
and an update on the pearly whites

The poor little guy has been teething for awhile now, and Friday the tiniest bit of tooth broke through. So he's still pretty unhappy - but Hyland's Teething Tablets and this teether have been helping things along (especially since he doesn't seem to care for the cold/frozen teethers). He's been such a trooper - I know he's hurting because he's always such a happy baby. Not right now. And he keeps flicking his tongue over the little tooth edge and "slurping" all the extra saliva in his mouth. He's been wearing bibs all the time because he's so drooly (and he likes to get them twisted around to make them into "Super Baby" capes!).

Today has been our regular Sunday routine with some extra fun thrown in. Robert gave Daddy his Father's Day gift when he woke up this mornrin... matching "Big Guy" and "Little Guy" T-shirts. Ben, my friend Jenn's husband, got them as a Christmas present last year and I made a mental note of them just in case Wags was a boy. Daddy really liked them. He has his on right now, and when Robert wakes up he'll put his on and we'll take some pictures - click on (more). Right now Robert is dressed in his Gators finest in anticipation of their (hopeful) triumph over the Huskers this evening in the College World Series. Go Gators! (more)

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Sittin' Pretty
09 June 2005 16:57

I decided to see if Robert could sit on his own or not. He loves to stand, and if he was in disposable diapers (trimmer than cloth) I probably would have tried it a lot sooner. I just assumed he wouldn't be able to bend well at the hips.

I was wrong! (more)

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Oh how he's growing
08 June 2005 21:36

Robert has been doing lots of fun things these days. If you put him on his tummy, he'll either roll over (if he wants nothing of it) or he'll do "push ups" until he works himself anywhere from 90-270 degrees around in a circle! He's been laughing up a storm... from anything to daddy trying to tickle him, to mommy mimicking his laugh or his sticking out his tongue. He's also blowing raspberries now... it's hard to get him started, but once he does, he doesn't want to stop!

He LOVES to stand! He's pretty good at it, too. We only have to hold him either at his hips or else hold his hands and he does the rest. In fact, he likes doing it so much that we're considering getting him an exersaucer (it's like a walker - but no wheels so it stays in one place) so that he can stand to his heart's content without either of us killing our backs stooping over him. He will also "lunge" for what he wants - whether he's standing on my lap or leaning on my chest (like for being burped)... if he decides he wants to go left or right... he will! He likes to play "possum", too - which you'll see when you click on... (more)

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4 month check-up
And some pictures
06 June 2005 15:31

Well, we're back with another perfect check-up. We asked about his dry ankles (use lotion... simple) and his "sock hickey" from his chubby legs and the sock opening elastic (it will go away within the month - he's already had it for a week). We also asked about his "Gorby" - the red spot on the back of his head that he's had since birth. She said that it doesn't look troublesome, but that she'll check it again if we want at his next appointment (6 months) to track its progress - or lack there of. She also said that our plan (as recommended by the AAP and WHO) to just breastfeed until 6 months and then possibly start adding some veggies to his diet - slowly - sometime after that... but not before.

Our regular nurse wasn't there, and this odd one (that we had at his 2 week appointment and couldn't grasp the fact that he was a boy) took his stats. She first told us he was 10 pounds, 6 ounces - which made me panic! She tried to tell me it was good because he gained - which we had to point out to her that was from his 2 WEEK appointment. We had to show her how to read the baby scale and that it was actually 10 pounds plus 6 pounds. After that, we didn't pay that close of attention to ounces. So his recorded info for this appointment:

Head = 16.5"
Length = 25.25" (just above 50th percentile)
Weight = 16 lbs (75th percentile)

Here are some pictures that we've taken over the last few weeks... We have a few more still on the camera that I'll post soon. (more)

Daddy's Journal
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Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers!