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Halloween musings
30 September 2005 18:26

I admit - ever since I've even thought about having kids, I've always wanted to have a baby dressed as a pea pod for Halloween. Unfortunately, the only costumes that are available for my green vegitation dreams are for newborns... in fact, the one I saw at Wal-Mart was for up to 18" or 7 lbs - so Robert couldn't even have worn it if he'd been born on October 31st. (more)

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Different scales
21 September 2005 18:13

I think we just need to find a scale and stick with it =) We took Robert with us to the post office today because I had a package I needed to send. Diane, our really nice post office lady (I hate the term post mistress) weighed him on her scale. 18 lbs 9 ounces.

The good news with that is that since HE's weighing more on our home scale, that means I'M weighing more on our home scale. I can stand to be a few pounds lighter than it says =)

(BTW, Oma and Grandpa, he costs $24.30 to ship Priority and he'll be there in 2-3 days ;-) )

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If you're getting tired of seeing him, I'll stop...
18 September 2005 22:08

NOT (more)

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Picture pages
17 September 2005 21:29

Here's some pictures that we've taken since getting home from vacation. In the "mobility series" you can get a glimpse of his goose egg mentioned in the last post.

Also, Geof has added some pictures to the family album, too - some repeats and some new... but his captions are always a hoot! (more)

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12 September 2005 13:09

Robert has a big ol' goose-egg on his forehead. I have this little upholstered flip-top footstool from Wal-Mart that I store my coloring books and crayons in, and Robert has loved it since he was about 2 months old. When he was a little shorter, he would use it to brace himself while he stood (with my legs on either side of him). Now he likes to try to pull up on it every now and then and scratch the upholstery. (more)

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7 month stats
10 September 2005 13:47

I weighed and measured Robert this morning. He's 27.75" and about 20 pounds. If you're comparing stats to last month's post... don't. I wrote down what their adult scale said (17 pounds), but ours said 18.5... so he has gained about 1.5 pounds. We'll try sweet potatoes again tonight =)

Milk talk in the "more" - feel free to skip if you're not interested. (more)

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One "step" closer to crawling
07 September 2005 13:04

Robert gets up on his hands and knees and rocks - he's been doing this for a few days now. But just now I saw him scooting both knees forward at the same time and then trying to move his arms. He fell on his face, of course, but it was cute (and on the carpet... don't worry!).

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September already?
05 September 2005 13:51

Robert has been scooting all over the place these days. Today Geof has him in his bright orange/yellow (think caution, children at play sign) overalls that were given to us as a gift and he's adorable... and very easy to find =)

Robert somehow picked up on waving. He did it a few weeks ago and we didn't know if it was just a coincidence, but then lately if you wave at him, he'll wave back. Sometimes, even both arms get into the action! (more)

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