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Various and Sundry
26 March 2006 21:47

Robert can now slide backward off the couch... rather than climbing up and crying until I take him down.

I started making some curtains for Robert's room today (but I'm out of white thread - will finish tomorrow). Hopefully they will help him sleep later than the farmers. I clipped them up with clothespins for the night to give them a test run.

There were other "new things" that I was going to post, but my brain is tired right now. I'll jot them down as I think of them and update again in a day or so. (more)

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Spoon - for real!
24 March 2006 21:28

Today I pulled out some yogurt for Robert to have for breakfast. I was feeding hime for awhile, then he wanted to hold the spoon (because, well, it's a spoon). So while he had it in his fist, I helped him scoop up a little yogurt from the cup. After that, he did it himself... and kept himself pretty clean until the end!

Granted, I created a monster, as he didn't want to let me use the fork for him at lunch!

We went into the city today, and while at a bookstore he walked around by himself for quite awhile! The other mom-age women in the store kept awwwing at him... and I will admit, he was awfully cute! He even did well on the parts of the floor that were shiny wood in just his regular (non rubberized, slip-proofed) socks!

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New Family!!!!!
Now with pictures
22 March 2006 22:28

Welcome baby Hannah Elizabeth Federwitz!

7 pounds, 8 ounces, 20.5 inches! (9:33 PM ET)

We're so excited you're here!!! Congratulations, Paul and Ali!!! (more)

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He's officially a toddler
And a family update

Since getting home, Robert has pulled off his pants and one sock (he's working on #2) and has been climbing up and down all over the couch.

And since he napped in the car - no nap for me. =( (more)

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A Year (and a month) In The Life
16 March 2006 23:54

I just realized that I forgot to post a year-in-review photo post... so here you go! (more)

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13 March 2006 15:25

This boy is driving us crazy today! He didn't sleep well yesterday. He was up early today. I had to lay down with him at 11 to get him to take a nap (after he threw fits in his crib and was "penned" in his exersaucer over and over again for getting into stuff he's not supposed to be in). He woke up after noon in a pissy mood. He ate some lunch and did okay leaving the house to go with us for Geof's haircut. But now we're home and he's nuts again. Geof put him down in his crib, where he'll sleep for about 10-15 minutes and then wake up screaming.

There are no teeth under the surface of his gums, no weird loose threads wrapped around toes, his belly is full, his diaper is dry. HE'S JUST CRAZY... and he's dragging us with him.

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Change the menu
And a photo at 13 months
10 March 2006 22:37

I used to say Robert will eat just about anything... except bananas.

Now... he eats just about anything!

For the longest time, he reacted to bananas like we were trying to kill him. The Florida grandparents and aunt/uncle can attest to that first hand. But he seemed interested in my banana yesterday, so I held it out to him and he took a bite. Then he started doing his, "ma... ma... ma..." routine (which we still don't know if it means "more" or if, like I think, anything food is mama, and anything fun is dada). So I let him take another bite... and another. He ate half my banana! So I got smart and brought him his own (small) banana with lunch. I broke it into 3 pieces length wise and gave him a piece at a time - and he ate the WHOLE thing!

He also ate some of my grouper for dinner. Which makes me think he probably just didn't like the way the salmon was prepared the time we tried it with him. We'll have salmon again soon - we just got some more on Monday. We'll try again and see what happens! (more)

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Update on sleep
08 March 2006 23:02

I think I'm finally willing to say that Robert is sleeping well on a regular basis. It was a long time in coming (we've been working on this since he was about 8-9 months old), but he is really sleeping "through the night" now. Technically, if a baby is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches, that is considered through the night, but Robert is sleeping through the night in the sense that most people think. (more)

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Cute Baby
04 March 2006 21:50

He woke last night at 5:30, and Geof put him back to sleep (because I read my watch as 4:30 or I would have gone to him myself), and he stayed asleep until 6:45. Then I pulled him into the bed in his room until about 8-8:30.

Robert found the crib mirror in his toy box a little earlier tonight. He pulled it out and started talking to the baby in the mirror. Then he brought it over to me to show me the baby. I told him I could only see the Mama, but he could see the baby. I turned it back around to him and he started kissing the baby in the mirror!!!

He then pulled up the leg of my pajama pants and started petting my leg. Silly boy!

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Sleep, Glorious Sleep!
Update on last night
03 March 2006 22:51

Robert put himself to bed at about 9:45 and stayed asleep until 4:00. Geof went in and settled him back down (he only really cried once, which is good for him seeing Geof in the middle of the night) and he went back to sleep until 6:45! Then I went in, took him into the little bed with me, and we snoozed off and on until 8:00. SUCH A GOOD NIGHT!!!!

Tonight, he was fussy after dinner, so Geof tried taking him right to bed... but it didn't work. So I took him and brushed his teeth, said prayers, and nursed him until he wanted to get down and play again. But instead of that, I gave him a kiss, told him I loved him and good night, and Geof took him to bed. I didn't hear a peep out of him until about 45 seconds after Geof closed the door and walked away. He started crying a little, but not enough to go running for (I'm not starting to advocate cry-it-out - I'll NEVER advocate that). He wound down within a minute and was out for the night by 9:30. YAY!!!!

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02 March 2006 22:13

After doing the dinner dishes, I came into the livingroom where Geof was rough-housing with Robert. Robert would laugh and laugh, at one point, Geof was on his knees right in front of the couch and tossing Robert against the back... where he would then bounce on the seat and back to Geof. My goodness, Robert was having so much fun! After Geof stopped, Robert kinda wobbled around for a little bit - dizzy from all the fun. He started taking the cushions off the couch to climb up (something we're trying to break him of) and Geof said, "Are you ready to go to bed?" Robert looked at him and started his "na na na" babble (which we think means night night - he has made that sound as he gets tired since he was about 5 months old). So Geof said, "Okay, lets go to bed!" and he picked Robert up and started to take him. At first, I protested a little because I hadn't nursed him in a few hours and I usually nurse him to sleep, but I said, "No, go ahead and try - but don't force it. If he fusses, bring him back and I'll nurse him to sleep." I told Robert I loved him and Geof took him down the hall.

Geof put Robert in the crib, ROBERT LAID DOWN BY HIMSELF, Geof patted his back for a few seconds, Robert grunted once, and Geof walked out of the room and closed the door. THAT'S IT! That was probably 30 minutes ago and not a peep.

Other than the fact that I'm scrambling to remember where all my pump parts are should I need them, I'm floored! This is soooo cool! I'll update tomorrow with how long it lasted!

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