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Baby Shows and Other Cuteness
26 May 2006 13:06


Every time a baby cries (happy or sad) on shows like A Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby, Robert happy squeals back at the TV. Let's hope it stays cute when he's doing it ALL. THE. TIME. =)

Also, whenever someone claps (TV, graduations, etc) or we say "Yay" when he does something right... he claps along, too =)

Whenever music is on - even if it's just a commercial - Robert starts dancing. When we say "dance" - Robert starts dancing. Sometimes when we say "shake your junk" he dances, too!

And... he's feeling better today. Yesterday we were up to 103.1 at about 3:00 in the afternoon, so we broke out the ibuprofen. 99.9 was the highest so far (when we got up this morning) - and that's with no meds. Good thing!

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Sick baby
24 May 2006 21:55

Poor Robert.

He felt really warm when he got up from his nap, but I just thought he got overheated while he slept. When he was nursing this afternoon, I called Geof over to feel his head because he still felt pretty warm to me. Geof pulled out the thermometer and Robert's temperature was 100.6. At 6:00 it was 101 something. At 7, 102.5. At 8 it was 102.2. I'm holding off on meds until 103, though I'm not overly worried. He's not acting too differently other than being a little sleepier, but he still ate really well (over half a can of diluted chicken noodle soup). He got in a second nap this evening, too... and went to sleep without a fight at 8. We have him in a short-sleeved shirt for bed tonight so I can still keep getting underarm temps during the night (hopefully) without waking him.

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First Haircut
22 May 2006 21:58

Robert got his first big boy haircut today. (more)

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Dancing and Bird Calls
21 May 2006 23:35

Anytime there's music and Robert's on a flat surface, there will be "dancing" - okay, more like bouncing up and down (and if he's standing on the couch, it's bouncing up and down until he falls over laughing). He's such a happy little guy!

We were sitting outside on Saturday after some yard work and car-washing, and one of the turtle doves of the neighborhood was cooing. Everytime he finished, Robert would try and mimic him! He's doing a lot more mimicing of us as well - repeating what we say... at least a sound here and there.

New words -
chicken (chee-kee)
cheese (tsees)

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And Some Mother's Day Photos, too
14 May 2006 20:26

Here's some picture we took in our backyard after church today. (more)

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15 Month Picture
And a whole bunch more from Easter, Vacation, etc.

Having an Oreo (okay, Newman-O) on his 15 month "birthday" (more)

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Goofy Baby!
12 May 2006 22:13

Geof was sitting on the couch yesterday, and Robert would get up really close to him and try and grab his book. Geof was teasing him and saying, "I'll kick your butt" and then tapping his big ol' diaper booty to make him quickly move forward a good 4-5 feet. Robert would act like he was all ticked, but then he would walk backward to where he started, start giggling, and wait for Geof to do it again! I got a few minutes of it on video, but when he saw the video camera he just wanted to grab the lens cap. So I turned the side viewer toward him so he could watch himself on the camera, and he started hamming it up - making faces, especially kissy faces and opening and closing his mouth - almost like a goldfish! He's so funny these days!

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15 Month Well Baby Visit
08 May 2006 21:13

Okay, Robert had the first appointment - he's doing great (not that I doubted).

He lost a pound with all his running around, but none of us are worried about it because you can't keep food in front of the boy (it goes right in his mouth - he eats everything except salmon and strawberries!) So his stats: (more)

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Sometimes teeth bite (pun intended)
07 May 2006 21:26

Poor Robert! He has been SUCH a good teether for the most part - maybe a little fussy for a day, but that's it.

Then came molar #2 (more)

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Poor Robert
Long Time No Updated
02 May 2006 10:24

Throw in a vacation with lots of driving time and a sore/exhausted mama... you get little info posted. But here's an update on the last few weeks... (more)

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