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Pass the cup, please
and other assorted updates
29 January 2006 23:44

Robert never really took to a bottle... and he hasn't really gotten the hang of his sippy cups (because they're spill-proof and a lot like a bottle nipple). However, he has liked drinking from my full glass of water for awhile now. So I pulled out some tupperware cups that I had packed away and let him go to town with his own cup today. Now, I only give him a little bit of water (a few Tablespoons) at a time because sometimes he gets excited that he's actually drinking that he throws his arms up... with the water cup still in his hands =) Picture below... (more)

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Recent Photos
27 January 2006 15:18

Here's some pictures from here recently (more)

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Tooth #6 broke through tonight (1/26)!!


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20 January 2006 15:21

Robert took a step!!!!

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17 January 2006 00:58

Today (16th) Robert learned how to clap unassisted. It's so cute! I've been trying for a few days to teach him by taking his lower arms in my hands and "making" him clap, but he's been doing it all day today on his own! Now any time you want him to clap, you just smile and say "YAAAAAAAAAAAY!" (more)

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Daddy Bridge is Sitting Down
15 January 2006 22:49

We are laughing so hard right now! Geof is sitting on the couch with his feet on the floor about 12-18 inches away from the couch. Robert keeps crawling under his legs, turning around and crawling back. Sometimes he even goes between Geof's legs - like defensive driving between traffic cones. Defensive crawling? =)

I told Geof he saved us $60!

Now he's just circling clockwise around Geof's legs! What a silly goose!

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Feast and Famine

Robert is so funny! He has been getting really excited about eating our food - not the mush. We give him little bits of what we're eating (if it's safe... no popcorn or hot dogs yet), and he goes NUTS! Today he was "baby birding' for more before he even swallowed what was in his mouth! Trying to remember what he has had so far... chicken from chicken tacos, bbq pork, bagel, soft carrots, Christmas ham, noodles (doesn't care for them so much), steak fajita meat, red sauce with a TON of garlic (LOVED it!), little bits of cheddar and parmesan cheese, buttered ham sandwich (a South Dakota treat), raw carrot salad, and he getting so much better at drinking water from a real cup if we help him - he's still not so great with a sippy cup (but he likes chewing on it and throwing it!). I'm sure there are more things he has tried, too... I'll add them as I think of them. (more)

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Musical baby
12 January 2006 00:40

Two notable things this evening:

Some music came on the TV this evening (neither Geof nor I can remember what it was... show or commercial) and he started dancing (bouncing) along to it! He did it more rapidly when we "danced" along with him.

He was singing along to his Noah's Ark for a few different songs, too!

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11 Months
Of course there are photos!!!
11 January 2006 00:58

Robert has been experiencing developmental milestones by leaps and bounds lately. Yesterday he started "forgetting" to hold on to stuff while standing if both of his hands are full. He's making a lot more varied sounds (other syllables than "da") throughout the day, too. His fine motor skills are getting a lot better, too. He's really getting a kick out of putting things in to other things. Granted, he's not using his shape sorter for its intended purpose - he dumps the blocks out and then puts "his" soda can in and out. He carries around the orange tipped spoon (or his toothbrush) for hours at a time and just chews and chews and chews. He has figured out how to push the lever on his incrediblock to make the blocks come out, too. (more)

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07 January 2006 17:45

Robert's (his) right lateral incisor broke through the gums today! On top of everything else - no wonder he was such a grump yesterday.

His bottom two teeth kind of point inward, too. We joke that, just like mommy and daddy, he'll need braces someday, too.

So... if you're looking at him, this is what you now see:


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Splotchy baby
Any ideas?Any ideas?

I woke up to Robert looking like this... (more)

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The cough that won't leave
02 January 2006 19:30

So, ever since I posted about that cough, it keeps rearing it's ugly head every couple of hours. Seriously, it's not that big of a deal - you can even forget about it in between hacking sessions. But when he coughs, he goes at it for up to 30 seconds, his little face turns red and his eyes water. So I called the doctor's office today and talked with Nurse Kathy (our favorite). After telling her about his symptoms (or, lack thereof) she thinks it's probably that he's just reacting to the dry air since heaters are on and it's not as humid outside. He doesn't have a fever, he's still playing and babbling all day long, and he eats just about whatever you put in front of him still.

So we're going to dust off the humidifier and get that set up for him. In the meantime he's tearing apart the living room as normal =)

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