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New Photo Album

I've published a sixth Photo Album: Ordination and Intallation. Now, more than a year after ordination and coming up on a year after installation, I finally place some photos and videos of those days on my web page.

As for watching the videos, the length of the video and size of the video file are shown for you. Those of you with slower connections will take longer to load the videos than those of you with faster (broadband) connections. The only thing I can say is be patient.

| 29 June 2004 17:57
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Proof of MMHA

All I really need to say is check this out, and you will see that Michael Moore hates America. He says it's all true; willing it to be YOUR truth does NOT make it true, Michael.

In fact, your film shouldn't qualify as a documentary, because you document nothing but lies and hate (for America)...if you had researched things, you would have found that the truth is actually far different than what you have spewed. Oh, but I bet that you actually DID research things and twisted things to fit your wants, desires, goals, profits, etc. What, are you and Satan bed-fellows? Because he is an expert at twisting the truth...

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Interesting and Confusing
How Did This Happen?

It seems, somehow, Atlantis was listed at a pornography review website. I don't know what I have here that makes them think I have any kind of pornography or access to it. All the file names are innocent (as far as I can tell).

How do I know I'm listed on one. Well, I can look at the last referrers and see. Referrers are links to site that have a link to my site on their page. More than that, someone visiting their site clicked on the link to my page and visited here. When that happens, the other page refers their visitors to my page. Atlantis just happens to be listed as a resource for pornographic content.

Imagine my shock when I see that there and visit their site...WHOOPS! I have sent them an email asking to be removed; one for my disapproval of being associated with such a site, two for my site having nothing to do with what I am listed for.

Hopefully I've also fixed a file on my site so that the site that was a referrer is no longer...

| 28 June 2004 21:06
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Digital Photos Update

I've added comments to the pictures in the Honeymoon gallery. Soon, I'll be adding a sixth gallery with comments and all...I may even include a movie or two.

| 27 June 2004 17:49
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Site Updates

There are two changes to announced to Atlantis.

First, I have created an 'IE Friendly' version of the page. That now makes three different versions--a standard version, viewable in all browsers except IE and Mobile, a Mobile version for PocketPC and web-enabled phones, and an IE Friendly version for those of you who insist on using Internet Explorer. There is no different site to bookmark or anything. Depending on what type of browser you're using, when you go to the correct version will load automatically. Now, the change that this involves for IE users is that the number of columns on the main page drops to two with links to all the usual stuff in the "header" (the part at the top of the page where the site logo is). So, in the "header" you'll see the links to the photographs, lexicon, my story, etc., as well as to the Sermon, Poetry, and Hymn archives. In the two columns you have the standard journal in the wide column (which changes size depending on the browser window size), and miscellaneous information in the left, narrower column (such as the calendar, search, copyright information, etc.).

That brings us to the second change. I mentioned it earlier this post. It's the change I had mentioned in an earlier post, as well. I have added a hymn archives. What is the hymn archives? Well, just like the sermon and poem archives, it is a collection of hymns that I have written. This includes the ability to listen to the tunes to which the hymns are set as well as some other background information on the hymns. IE users will see a link to it in the 'header.' Other browsers will find the archives listed in the left column.

As with any such upgrade, if something is out of place or missing altogether, let me know. I hope you enjoy the site!

| 14:04
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Yet Another Reason to NOT use IE

I found this interesting little news article on Fox News. It speaks of an internet virus called "Scob" that was planted on the web, impersonating (if you will) popular web sites, and can cause major damage not only to your computer, but also your very identity (identity theft). Anyway, I'll quote the relevant parts...

Though the impact of the "Scob" outbreak (search) was mild compared with recent infections like "Sasser" and "Blaster," security experts worried about its method of delivery.
With Scob, virus writers have discovered yet another way beyond e-mail and network techniques of distributing malicious code.
The infection, first discovered by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) on Thursday, appears to take advantage of three separate flaws with Microsoft products and can be difficult to detect.
Stephen Toulouse, a security program manager at Microsoft, said software updates to fix two of them had been released in April, but the third flaw was newly discovered and had no patch available yet.
He recommended that computer owners obtain the latest security updates for Microsoft products and their anti-virus and firewall programs. For the flaw that lacks a patch, he said, users should also turn up security settings on Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers to the highest levels.
Users could also turn off JavaScript (search) on their Microsoft browsers, though doing so could cripple functions on some sites.
The virus does not affect Apple Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer, nor does it spread through non-Microsoft browsers like Mozilla (search), Netscape Navigator and Opera.
The emphasis added was mine.

Anyway, stop using IE and get a better browser. To my parents (all three of them), call me, and I can walk you through downloading, installing, and setting up the browser. Trust me, you won't regret it!

| 26 June 2004 22:36
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Am I a Racist?

We had an interesting conversation at dinner today. My wife called me a racist. I want to know what you think.

I like white things more than dark, brown, black, etc. things. Now, I don't dislike those dark, brown, black, etc. things. I just like the white things more. You see, I prefer white rice to brown rice, white milk to chocolate milk, white chocolate to any other kind, angel food cake over devils food cake, and vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream. Do I not like all those other things? I do like them, I just like the other stuff more.

So, does that make me a racist?

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Mobile is Live
PocketPC Version of Atlantis is Up

I started it before I changed journaling programs. Now, I've finished it and incorporated the new program into it. If you want to see it, click here. Be warned, however, it is a very stripped down version of what you see here to accomodate mobile browsers, such as can be found on a PocketPC.

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Site Redesign Progress
...I think I'm done...

I've gone through and edited/updated all the files on the site to conform with the new look of the site. Everything has been tested in Mozilla and IE (I won't bitch and complain about IE this time), and it all looks good. If you find that files are missing or look awkward (I know about the overlapping right column in's IE not the column), please let me know. Some minor tweaks will continue here and there (mostly "menu column" stuff on sub pages).

As for other site changes...expect to see a new section to the left column in the coming days. I have plans to add a new dimension to this site soon. I even have some thoughts on adding a second, but I'll ponder that a little while longer.

Now, I can get back to my normal journal entries...what I have come to call "my ramblings."

Oh, and while you're here, be sure to check out the Linkdump block in the left column. If I should ever find an interesting site, I'll post a short something about it there. Currently, I link to a site regarding one of the biggest...ahem...morons in the universe; a crusade of one man trying to get answers from him. His name is Michael Moore, and the site is out to prove that he hates America.'s almost time for bed...

| 24 June 2004 23:18
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Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday! Is it wrong to ask for birthday greetings? Well, if you wish to leave one, post a comment here!

Thanks, mom, for the fun email!

Edit: Thanks go to both moms for two earily similar emails...both fun, but earily similar.

| 22 June 2004 09:26
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Site Changes

Those of you who read my sermons and (all two) poems may have realized that the formatting is different on them. Yes, I am in the process of redesigning the entire site to look and work better. Well, the look, as I have griped about before, will be the best in Mozilla, but it will still look good in IE, too. Expect to see similar style changes made to the rest of the Site Links (those related to Atlantis, anyway).

| 21 June 2004 11:31
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Sermon Update

I haven't done one of these in a couple of months. Anyway, I've uploaded the last two sermons I've preached. You can find them here:

As always (well, since I've started using Pivot), links to them and my other sermons can be found in the "Sermon Archives" block in the left column.

| 20 June 2004 22:23
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Browser Compatibility
It Looks Weird

Listen folks, Microsoft Internet Explorer plain sucks. There is a much, much, much better browser out there with all kinds of neat features that IE can only dream of having. This site looks awful in IE. I can't explain it. You can still manuever and do stuff in IE, things will just look out of place and lines will be drawn across things in a funny sort of fashion. I even tried reposting all the original templates to the site, and it still does the same thing.

So, I recommend you download and use Mozilla (or even their Firefox browser). Even if this site looked right in IE, I would still recommend Mozilla. It's just that much better a browser!

| 19 June 2004 20:41
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Welcome to the New Journal
Out With the Old, In With the New

Well, the easiest way to say this is that I grew weary of CuteNews. Yes, it definitely served its purpose, but it is time to move on to something more capable and powerful. Don't get me wrong, I still like and use CuteNews; it works really well at The Arcadium. It's just here, where I would perhaps need something where I can keep an eye on comments and the like a little better, plus have more automation over archiving. Enter Pivot (there is a link to it below in the Stuff section), and you see my new Journal. Some things look different. Some things look better. Everything is still here.

Things may act a little weird for a few hours or days as I make the transition and changes to the site. Everything should be functional, though. If you find something is broken, let me know (thanks!).

So, enjoy the site!

| 18:35
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